1. Choose Your Own Adventure I (CYOA)_PERSONAL FINANCE I (BA_284

Choose Your Own Adventure I (CYOA) PERSONAL FINANCE I (BA_284


Performing well in classes can help you boost or maintain your GPA and keep you on track to graduate on time with your desired major.  However, many factors can impact academic success, including:

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  • Navigating our current remote learning environment
  • Dealing with stress
  • Managing the unexpected
  • Mastering key concepts within courses
  • Performing well on tests
  • Managing teamwork
  • Developing effective time management skills

OSU has developed many resources to help you achieve academic success.  In this assignment, you will evaluate your current academic performance and then explore different resources available to you.

Note – During week 6, you will develop a Plan to Graduation using several advising tools. The tools/resources you explore in this assignment will help you create a more detailed and effective plan moving forward.


Answer these questions

  • When is your anticipated graduation term and year?
    • Do you feel like you are currently on track to achieve this anticipated graduation date?  Explain why or why not.
  • Identify at least 3 challenges you have experienced while at OSU regarding academic success and explain each of these challenges in detail.
    • Examples –
      • A specific course or subject that was challenging
      • Time management/study skills/test-taking
      • Navigating technology including canvas/zoom/etc
      • Managing stress or well-being
      • Managing multiple responsibilities outside of school such as family, career, etc.
      • Managing multiple priorities within school, including sports, clubs, volunteering, etc
  • Select one of the following options below based on the challenge(s) you identified above, explore the links provided in detail, and then complete the following:
    • What option did you select?
    • Why did you select this option?
    • What resources within these links looked interesting/helpful to you?  Be specific.
    • How can you use these resources to help you achieve your academic goals? Identify specific links/tools/activities and then explain how each can benefit you.

Option 1: Achieving Success While Learning Remotely

Option 2: Developing Effective Time Management Skills

Option 3: Improving Well-Being

Option 4: Improving Test and Academic Performance