1. Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Your task is to respond to the question of what is the significance of the agreement for the global economy and politics?


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The participation assignment should have 300 words (1.5 spaced, use 12-inch font).

Criteria for Assignment Excellent Very Good Average Below Average
Impression 20 Points Author directly addresses main question or issue and adds new insight to the subject. Student is able to synthesize this knowledge in new ways. 18 Points
Author competently addresses main question or issue but does not add much new insight into the subject. That said, it is clear that the author has learned a great deal in class and is able to communicate this knowledge to others. 15 Points
Author attempts to address main question or issue but fails. The author has retained some information from the course but does not fully understand its meaning or context and cannot clearly convey it to others. 12 Points
Assignment does NOT address main question or issue, and it is obvious that author has not retained any information from the course
30 Points
Assignment contains a clear argument—i.e., lets the reader know exactly what the author
is trying to communicate. 28 Points
An argument is present, but reader must reconstruct it from the text. 25 Points
Author attempts, but fails, to make an argument. 21 Points
No attempt is made to articulate an argument.
Evaluation 47-50 points 41-46 points 34-40 points 0-33 points
Criteria for Attendance 0 Absent 1 Absent 2 Absents 3 Absents
50 Points 40 Points 30 Points 0 Points