1. What was the impetus for Renee Walker to address her school community about its sex education curriculum?


We are unable to manage the barrage of information that hits us on a daily basis and often we simply make the assumption that when a school, government, religiously affiliated program is sharing information that it is focused on what is in the best interest of society; for everyone. This, unfortunately, cannot be the modus operandi when it comes to matters of sex and sexuality.

This assignment will review the following video:

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Note: Make sure to review all of the instructions, the grading rubric, and to watch the video in its entirety before submitting the assignment.


Answer the following questions after watching the documentary:

  1. What was the impetus for Renee Walker to address her school community about its sex education curriculum? Renee was clearly interested in talking to her child about his day, had she not felt comfortable talking about sex with her child and investigate the curriculum, what would this mean for her child’s sexual education? Would it lead to encouraging a healthy motivation to understand sex now and in the future? Why or Why not?
  2. We learned that the first x-rated film was produced after the motion picture camera was invented; which by the way, was 1892. These movies appear everywhere imaginable and yet we, as a nation, decide to focus on repressing conversations about sex or attempting to outlaw such films. For this question, I want you to speak to the irony of this situation. Share your thoughts and feelings about how sex is everywhere we turn but yet we do not want to talk about it. What is your role in perpetuating or stemming this issue?
  3. “Parents have a key role in educating their children about sexuality. By saying nothing, they are educating their children about sexuality.” This is a powerful statement. I want you to reflect on this statement and share your thoughts and feelings about what it means to you and our community at large.


  • Format: Use APA style formatting and in-text citations for any material you discuss that comes from the textbook (see OWL Purdue APA (Links to an external site.)).
    • Times New Roman 12 point font
    • Double spaced
    • 1-inch margins
  • Length: To earn full points, your response should be 2.5 – 3 full pages in length.
  • References:
    • Reference actual facts from the video in your responses. The point is to demonstrate that you watched the entire video and paid attention. You must make connections between the video and the textbook to earn full points.
    • APA style in-text citations are required for the textbook, but you don’t need a full reference at the end.
  • Proofread and edit your work prior to submission.